Mark’s Rooms


Help us to make Mark’s Rooms more amazing!

Game Control: Point and click to gather items and clues, items can be combined or dismantled. Hold left mouse button to drag the camera around.

This demo contains the first room of the point and click puzzle(room escape) game.

The other rooms are already under developing but we’d really like to hear your thoughts about the first stage, its puzzle difficulty, appearance, or you just want to say hi…anything you’d like to let us know, please comment, your feedback will help us making this game better!

——————————ABOUT THE GAME——————————



Mark found himself in a familiar yet strange room, he knew he lived here once in his life, but his memory of the room was lost.

You will discover both the key to escape the room and the key to the hidden truth.
Help Mark escape the rooms and uncover his lost memories.
This is a very challenging escape game, and a thriller with a surprising ending.

Game play:


The game play includes solving puzzles and collecting clues. Collect items, solve the puzzles by using, combining and dismantling the items to escape the room. Some of the more interactive puzzles include operating a vintage TV or play a retro arcade game.

In each room there are clues for you to gather. Missing clues normally won’t prevent you from escaping, but the more clues you collect, the closer you are to discover the truth. However it is fairly difficult to collect all the clues.

There are 8 rooms in total. This demo version contains the first room, which is also the prologue of the story.


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