Tales of The Mirror


In the land of ancient China, the duke of a powerful state is dying, noble families, each supporting a song of the duke, begin to plot against their enemies’ young masters. In the mean while, other states are seeking to take this opportunity and planning an invasion.

Yet, a commoner, who would be the least possible to be included in these events, is dragged into the whirl after he occasionally got a mystic mirror possessing powers of the beyond.


Fei Ji The Mistress.

Nobles visits her chamber all the time, some times for a pleasant evening, and a night after, other times, to make a plot against her other ‘visitors’. Being in the center of the power struggle, she somehow manages to survive all along.


Tian Yuan The Herbalist. 

As a commoner, he didn’t care much about nobles and their games until he accidentally poisoned a princess of a powerful family. He escaped an almost certain death and was forcefully dragged into a world he never wanted to be involved in his whole life.


totmCharacter3Sui Bo The Kite Flyer

He is the most fearsome gang leader in the state, he claims to be a regular merchant who owns a kite store. Indeed nobody has seen him killing anyone, however those who sees the shadow of his kites often mystically disappear after a few days.


totmCharacter2 Ji Jiang The Consort

A princess of a weak state, she was captured by the son of the duke after her state was conquered. She seemed to be content to her new life as the young master’s consort. But only one person knows her true intention. 

This game is still under developing, in this project we try to combine the form of visual novel with adventure games, and add many new things. To become each character, player needs to be skilled in a mini game that represents the character’s personality, however playing mini games too often would result in the lost of the original personality of the main character. All this influence the storyline in a subtle way, and the final result could be surprisingly different.

We use Unity3D + Live2D to try to create a game that is as expandable as possible.

For more information please email us: contact at ajstudio.org.